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Aikido is primarily a self defense martial art and has as one of its philosophical pillars the notion of being in harmony with your attacker rather than being in conflict with them. 


" Failure is the key to success: Each mistake teaches us something"

What is Aikido?

What is Aikido?

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Dojo Locations

Dojo Locations

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AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® is the only National Aikikai Aikido organisation in South Africa established under the technical guidance of one of the most renowned Japanese Shihan in the aikido world - the late Shihan Yoji Fujimoto, 8th Dan (1948 - 2012). Sensei Elroy Goliath (ASA Chief instructor), was the first South African to obtain the YONDAN (4th Dan) grade directly from an 8th Dan Hombu Dojo Japanese Shihan under international examination conditions. He received his 5th Dan directly from the Aikido Doshu at the 2018 Kagamibiraki Ceremony hosted at the Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan on 14 January'18.

Classes are tailor-made for children and adults with frequent Seminars, including formalised instructor's courses. Chief Technical Advisor - Shihan Roberto Travaglini (6th Dan).

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