Master Fuimoto 1Different international organisations and aikido students both locally and abroad have been over time asking me to describe in more detail my journey with Yoji Fujimoto Shihan - arguably one of the most talented Aikikai Shihan that ever lived. This relationship lead to a new expansion of South African aikido and ultimately the establishment of AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® (NPC). I reside in Paarl, a town situated in the wine producing region of my country close to Cape Town - South Africa.

I am a student of Yoji Fujomoto, 8th Dan Aikikai Hombu Shihan. The information herewith provided is based on my actual experiences and engagements, with the intent to share my truth, the facts as they are - not widely known. These experiences have shaped me as an individual and the organisation AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® to what we are today. I remain just a student of aikido, always learning. This document is an accolade to the work, influence and life of Yoji Fujimoto Shihan. This is my story... SENSEI ELROY GOLIATH

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