AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® official DVD can now be viewed on You Tube, Facebook and this website...

It's here!!

The official AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® DVD production is now available on this website. The DVD was recently leaked (accidently) to YouTube with very positive interest! Following the introduction of the DVD to the ASA Gauteng and Limpopo dojo’s at last weekend’s AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® Gauteng seminar, this 9 minute DVD will now be released in 2 phases.

Chapter 1 shot on location in Paarl and Bloubergstrand - South Africa, with real AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® students assisting me in demonstrating and telling the AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® and aikido story. Just so you know - the production took a little over 2 months to complete, with 25 different editing sessions to bring us to the final product. Those students who partook had loads of fun, while at the same time creating good interest from onlookers.

Chapter 2 explains in more detail and in simplicity the aikido philosophy, why the AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® offering in South Africa is unequivocally unique, our relationship with our Technical Director Shihan Yoji Fujimoto (8th Dan) and Hombu Dojo, as well as why having a 4th Dan student of Fujimoto Shihan in South Africa can support the changing face of aikido in South Africa that we so desperately need and materially grow aikido beyond its negligible presence that exist today.

Let me be factually clear in this regard as emotive response can sometimes reduce one’s perspective on this matter to miss out perhaps on the bigger picture. After an apparent 35 years since its introduction into South Africa, less than 200 aikido practitioners exist in our country today - out of these, an even smaller number remains active in the martial art. I am not pointing a finger suggesting right or wrong – it simply is fair to say that the strategic plan (if a plan at all) that led us to this point was/is lacking and finds itself in disconnect with the needs of our country and society as a whole. As opposed to shying away from this reality and criticizing the boy that screamed that the “emperor is not wearing any clothes”, lets rather be more pragmatic. What we need is a responsible and mature debate and approach in our country on how to position aikido to assume its rightful place among other martial arts in this country.

AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® is currently on an ongoing basis engaging on these matters with government, business and civil society. Those who can make a mature contribution to this effort are more than welcome to contact me – it certainly beats barking at micro issues.

The to-be released DVD is but one element of this strategic drive within AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® and is currently being distributed to key and strategic stakeholders nationally and internationally.

Thank you all aikido friends for your support, as at the end aikido will prosper! My heart goes out to all aikidoka in South Africa who is working so hard, and yet at the top echelon of their organizations the will to progress with insight lacks. Sometimes then the only thing that becomes important is where the piece of paper comes from that my next grade is written on.

Enjoy the DVD!! :)

Please watch this space or visit for further detail.

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