Is Aikido for me?

Typical queston I am always asked by prospective Aikido students: Is Aikido for me? Will I be able to do the techniques? Will it work against an attack to help me out of a sticky situation? Should I not try the more familiar styles like Karate, Judo, TKD etc

I suggest you try and see for yourself. Aikido was born from the struggle to answer such vital questions as: What would I do when confronted by someone physically stronger than myself? How can I overcome the other without using weapons of any kind? In a word, how can we devise a defense against someone superior in size, strength and experience?

So perhaps you are a women or house wife interested in self defence, a police man searching for an acceptable way of exerting appropriate force in the line of duty, a martial artist searching to enhance his current art through aikido, or someone interested in acquiring an effective self defence skill whilst improving general health, flexibility/coordination and controll your weight loss - then Aikido is for you!!

Aikido further lends itself to adpt the skill level, age, ability and limitations of the practitioner without any competition - you will find the only one you are competing with is yourself, and even that dissipates over your years of training.

Contact me to attend a free class and introduce you to the world of Aikido - a journey unlike any other martial art.

Sensei Elroy Goliath (4th Dan)

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